Mount Kilimanjaro

The view from our house in Moshi of the snow-covered peak of Mount Kilimanjaro is absolutely stunning. And on bright days, when the sun is reflected off the icy snow, the magical beauty of this picture just takes our breath away. At 5895 metres, this tallest mountain in Africa plays a crucial role in the lives of the Tanzanian people. Located near the border with Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro was formed from a volcanic eruption. What is remarkable about it is that despite its formidable peak height, most people, if they are in decent shape, are able to climb to the top. Obviously, the climb should not be underestimated, though; it is still a challenge that requires proper preparation and climb support. During the hiking tour, which you should expect to take between five and nine days, you will be able to admire the most spectacular landscapes, trekking through tropical rain forests, alpine landscapes and desert areas, all the way up to the summit with its arctic climate where precipitation falls only in the form of snow or hail. Depending on the desired degree of difficulty, you can choose one of four different routes to the top: the Machame Route, the Marangu Route, the Lemosho Route or the Rongai Route. Supporting you on your trek will be a team consisting of a highly experienced guide, a cook who will prepare all of your meals, and porters who will carry up all of the necessary equipment and set up your camp. 

Although we don’t organize trekking’s to the top of Kilimanjaro ourselves, we can give you some useful advice if you are interested. 




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