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Tanzania Tribe Maasai

A safari adventure with due regard for the tribes of Tanzania

Anyone who travels to Tanzania will undoubtedly want to visit the world-famous wildlife parks, including the Serengeti. Makasa is the expert when it comes to that aspect. But apart from that, as we live in Tanzania ourselves, we have a lot of interesting connections with the local population, a number of which we would like to share with you. So, not only do we organize marvellous tours with fantastic game-spotting activities, we also offer you an opportunity to learn more about some interesting and exciting local projects and tribes of Tanzania.
Tanzania Safari Cheetah

The Big Five, Maasai village, coffee excursion, and more…

This amazing trip will take you through three of the most famous wildlife parks: Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Crater, and the vast savannah plains of the Serengeti, where we will go looking for the Big Five. In addition, we will visit a Maasai village where we will spend the night – an unforgettable experience for both adults and children. Next on the itinerary is a fun and fascinating excursion to a coffee farm on the flank of Mount Kilimanjaro where you will meet the Chagga tribe, and we will pay a visit to the Hadzabe tribe, one of the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes on the planet, who have kept their way of life for thousands of years. And there is more... Makasa will be happy to discuss with you what appeals to you most and to plan and arrange your trip from A to Z. 

Download this free example itinerary 'Tanzania, Meet the Tribes'

The package we will organize for you will be tailored to your personal needs and interests. This example itinerary is to inspire you and to give you an idea of the possibilities. This example itinerary contains:

  •  A full description of the program from day to day
  • Information about the accommodations during this trip
  • The prices per person and per season
  • Information about our way of working, our jeeps and our guides
  • Additional information about Tanzania
Download this free example itinerary Tanzania, meet the locals
And go on an adventure!
Download this itinerary
Meet the Tanzania Tribes
Fantastic Safari!
We thoroughly enjoyed our safari with Makasa Tanzanian Safari. We picked Makasa because Selma was very responsive to our questions and they were competitively priced. All of the accommodations and food were excellent and our guide, Jamal, was AWESOME! 
Tanzania Tribes Review
Sven de Groot
Amazing Amazing
Wow! Where do I even begin? Makasa came highly recommended by a past colleague and I figured why not check them out. Let me tell you, it was the best decision we could’ve made. It was truly the best trip I’ve ever taken! Selma, Ngomi and the Makasa team are AMAZING!!!
Tanzania Tribes Review
Jessie Rian
Dreams come true...
I dreamt a dream. Not a documentary or a movie I have seen compared to our reality. I loved everything, and could not even expect more, because I didn't even know that what we experienced existed...we got way more than what I could have dreamt of.
Tanzania Tribes Review
Addie Henderson

In touch with the tribes of Tanzania

As we live in Tanzania, we can introduce you to highly interesting and colourful people and projects. In this video we are spending the night at a Maasai village. Have a look!

A distant travel into the Great Unknown

If you are planning to travel to Tanzania, you know that it is nothing like a weekend in the country. It requires a lot more preparation and there are a few matters that require your attention. If you are not familiar with the country, you may have some questions or concerns. To the most frequently asked questions on this topic, we have a simple and reassuring answer.
Makasa Tanzania Safari

Will I be at risk of malaria infection?

Tanzania is considered a low-risk country for malaria. Moreover, preventative medication is available to help keep you safe.
Makasa Tanzania Safari

Is Tanzania a safe place to visit?

Yes, Tanzania has been one of the most stable countries on the African continent for decades.
Makasa Tanzania Safari

Spoilt for choice

With a myriad of options and operators, you may soon be spoilt for choice. We will advise you and help you make the choices that are right for you.
Makasa Tanzania Safari

Is it dangerous to go on a safari?

No. As long as you play by the rules, there are hardly any risks. 
Makasa Tanzania Safari

How will I communicate?

Our office team as well as our tour guides are proficient in English.
Makasa Tanzania Safari


We are a member of TATO and are a fully licensed Tour Operator including TALA.
Tanzania Kilimanjaro

Cabin crew, take your seats

Several airlines have scheduled flights to Tanzania. KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines offer daily flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport. Kilimanjaro International Airport is situated in northern Tanzania between the cities of Arusha and Moshi. Moshi is home to Makasa. Located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, close to the main wildlife parks, it lies at a driving distance of 45 minutes from the airport. One of our friendly attendants will be there to greet you and take you to your hotel. Welcome to Tanzania!

Meet the tribes of Tanzania

We will organize the entire tour package of your choice for a trip to Tanzania you will never forget!

Makasa is there for you whenever you need us for advice, organization and anything you need during the trip 

Once you have arrived at your destination, chances are that you will have little eye for anything but the marvels around you. Nevertheless, it is always good to know that Makasa is always nearby and ready to help you with anything you may need. We will be there in the background, so that you do not have to worry about a thing. We will arrange everything for you, even in unexpected events. And the list of benefits does not end there! View the full list below. 
Private Jeep and Guide

Private jeep and guide

Go on safari in a private Makasa Land Cruiser driven by one of our highly skilled and experienced guides, all of whom speak English fluently.
Worry free adventure with Makasa

Relax and enjoy

Our goal is to make your life easier on your trip. We will take care of every detail, from collecting you from the airport to returning you after an amazing holiday.
Makasa International Team

International team

Selma is Dutch, while Ngomi is half German, half Tanzanian – a valuable combination if you want to plan a marvellous journey.
Makasa Tanzania Top Experts

Tanzania top experts

We live and work in Tanzania, so we can show you the best spots and give you the best advice.
Makasa Award Winning Operator

Award-winning operator 

We have won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence five years in a row – and we are very proud of this honour.
Makasa Safety First

Safety first! 

Makasa is a member of TATO (Tanzania Association of Tour Operators), so your safety is in good hands with us.

How about a sneak preview to get in the mood? 

Safari Jeep Serengeti

Crossing the Serengeti in a private jeep

Depending on the composition of your group, you will travel in a Land Cruiser seating 5 to 7 people, driven by one of our experienced guides – heading for the world’s most famous wildlife parks such as Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Crater, and, of course, the Serengeti. You will feel as if you were stepping into the world of National Geographic. Your car is provided with a special interior with a roof that pops up, allowing you to stand up straight to film or take pictures. You will be amazed at the wildlife you will get to see here. 
Maasai Tribe Tanzania

A visit to the Maasai Tribe

In the Maasai Lodge, you will meet members of one of the most colourful and impressive tribes of Africa, the famous Maasai. You will stay the night in a boma(village) with a breathtaking view of the vast plains of the Maasai land. Take a nature walk with your children – or put them on a donkey for a thrilling ride. At night, you will dine on roasted goat by the fire – or enjoy another great dish, as you prefer. Once you are settled between the sheets in a comfortable cabin, you can let your thoughts wander and dream about the amazing new world that is yours to share for a while.
Hadzabe Tribe Tanzania

Hunting with the Hadzabe Tribe

The region surrounding Lake Eyasi has been home to the Hadza tribe for over 10,000 years. Early in the morning, you will hike down the trail for a very special meeting. These hunter-gatherers have preserved their ancient way of life and lead a nomadic existence, hunting for food every day. They hunt game with bow and arrow, and you can join them in their quest. Their language is a click language that is quite similar to the language of the Bushmen in South Africa. Fortunately, you can rely on your guide for translation. Another visit you may enjoy is to the Datoga tribe. The women will be waiting for you as you approach. They live together in a boma, a village made up of small huts built of mud and straw, and they share a single husband. Like the Hadza tribe, they live as hunters. Your guide will tell you everything about their culture and practices. Their stories will make your jaw drop
Tented Camp Safari Tanzania

Sleeping with lions

Safari nights tend to be a very special experience. Visitors usually spend at least a few of these nights in so-called tented camps. Other than that they have the heavy-duty canvas canopy in common, ordinary tents pale in comparison with these luxury glamping tents. The floors are made of wood and the interior design and particularly the beds are incredibly comfortable and romantic. The tents all have excellent private bathroom facilities. The biggest attraction, however, is the incomparable safari atmosphere. In the mornings, at breakfast, you can have great fun trying to imitate the animal sounds that you heard during the night. Guides are often very good at this. Now, was that a lion’s or a hyena’s cry?
Makasa Safari
We ended up with amazing family memories learning about Tanzania, seeing lions 8 feet away, watching Maasai warriors strolling regally through the countryside, the beauty and wonder of our amazing world...I could go on and on. Thank you Makasa for arranging an amazing trip!
Tanzania Tribes Review
Jill Haris
Beautiful experience
All of the locations were really tremendous, and our guide Jamal was amazing. Our favorite locations were the Olpopongi Maasai village. It really gave us a foundation to understand some of the history of Tanzania. It's really a must. Thank you Makasa for the incredible experience.
Tanzania Tribes Review
Kyle Bruce
Exceeded our expectations
Our trip was enriched by cultural, philanthropic & more experiences. The Maasai cultural village overnight was a life-time experience, very comfy, yet a genuine education on how a renown people continue to live. We give Makasa our highest possible recommendation. 
Tanzania Tribes Review
Joyce Junkets
Rhotia Valley Tented Camp Safari Tanzania

Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge

Spending the night in Rhotia Valley is a remarkable experience. It is a bumpy road that leads there, but the views are magnificent. The Dutch hosts, Marise and Joris Koch-Hekstra, are warm and hospitable.But there is more to this story. Marise and Joris, both highly inspired people with a mission, used to work as family doctors in Apeldoorn. Here, they have set up a children’s home on the opposite hill, Rhotia Valley Children’s Home. During your stay, you can visit the children’s home if you wish.
Coffee Tour Moshi Chagga Tribe

You are invited for coffee at the home of the Chagga Tribe

This excursion through coffee plantations, draped over the fertile green foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, doubles as a beautiful hike. Set up and developed by local coffee farmers, it offers a unique opportunity to observe their daily lives up close. The entire process will be demonstrated to you, from the picking of the beans through the stripping, drying, roasting, and grinding to… drinking coffee! The tour will be concluded by a traditional local lunch. We would highly recommend this tour to anyone who loves nature and is interested in local culture. In addition, this activity contributes to our goal of forging close alliances with the local community.
Zanzibar Beach Holiday

Sun-soaked Zanzibar

Beautiful Zanzibar, with its unparalleled pearly white beaches leading to the azure Indian Ocean, can best be described as a small paradise on earth.It is without a doubt the most delightful place to relax after an exciting safari. Take a refreshing dive to wash off the desert dust! You can go skin-diving, swim with dolphins or take a boat tour in an authentic dhow. A visit to the capital is definitely worth your while. The picturesque Stone Town is the epitome of the romantic beauty of the island. Two smaller islands are worth mentioning as well: Pemba and Mafia, each with their own, unique character.

Download this free example itinerary 'Tanzania, Meet the Tribes'

The package we will organize for you will be tailored to your personal needs and interests. This example itinerary is to inspire you and to give you an idea of the possibilities.

Download this free example itinerary Tanzania, meet the locals
And go on an adventure!
Download this itinerary
Meet the Tanzania Tribes
Hippo's on Safari Tanzania

Are you interested in more options?

See all that there is to see on your Tanzania holiday

Best decision made
I was extremely pleased with Makasa start to finish and would highly recommend them to anyone, which have done a couple times already! Thank you for the amazing trip. 
Tanzania Tribes Review
Coco Westbrook
Could not be better
When we planned a 14-day safari in Jan/Febr, we contacted Makasa at the suggestion of friends.Their planning and our incredible guide/driver Jamal made this an unforgettable trip.
Tanzania Tribes Review
Jan Jansen
Exceeded our expectations

Selma took care of all the details for our 12-day safari. All of our lodges and/or bush tents exceeded our expectations. 

Makasa Safaris gave us a great adventure and Kaleby is their Ace!

Tanzania Tribes Review
Ben Haris

Annic’s travel vlog story 

Annic ten Duis, a very well-known vlogger, went on safari with Makasa. Wildly enthusiastic, she invites you to view her story. Have fun!
Tanzania Safari Makasa

This is just an example

The trip described above is just an example; a marvellous example, indeed, but there are many more options. You can choose to have more safari and less sun, or vice versa. Whether you want a longer or a shorter stay, simpler accommodations or more luxury, everything is possible. Please let us know what you want and we will be glad to arrange an itinerary that suits your every desire. Welcome to Makasa!