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A safari with kids. Fully tailored to your personal needs and preferences.


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unforgettable face-to-face encounters with animals in the wild
The Makasa Family with their children

A Safari with kids. Where to go?

Every travel guide will tell you that the Ngorongoro Crater is also referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, and every brochure will tell you that Zanzibar has the most magnificent beaches, but if you want to know which rocks lions prefer for their afternoon naps, or which palm tree offers the best shade to enjoy a drink from a coconut? To find out, you will need to turn to locals who know the country like the back of their hands – locals like us. What’s more, we have children too. We know what children want.
Child friendly safari

Enjoy your family holiday without a worry in the world 

If you have the good fortune of being able to go on a family trip to Tanzania, you will want to spend as much time as possible taking in the marvels of this amazing country. If you select Makasa to organize your trip, you can rely on us to facilitate just that. We will help you plan the entire tour package of your choice, from A to Z, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that your every wish is met. Subsequently, we will organize everything to perfection. Your trip is special to us, as special as it is to you. 

Download this free example family itinerary 'Safari with kids'

The package we will organize for you will be tailored to your personal needs and interests. This example itinerary is to inspire you and to give you an idea of the possibilities. This example itinerary contains:

  • A full description of the program from day to day
  • Information about the accommodations during this trip
  • The prices per person and per season
  • Information about our way of working, our jeeps and our guides
  • Additional information about Tanzania
Download this free example itinerary Safari with the family
And go on a family adventure!
Download this itinerary
Tanzania Safari with Kids
Trip of a lifetime with Makasa
Makasa organized a beautiful safari for our family group of 6 (ranging in age from 25-75). Selma was responsive and flexible during the planning process, attending to every detail. We feel that we got excellent value.
Safari with kids Review
Kathleen Hall
Great family experience with Makasa

The whole trip was very well thought-out put together. From the different places we stayed to the children’s car chairs for our two little companions of 2 and 4. We had a very pleasant journey thanks to Makasa.

Safari with kids Review
Nick Ericson

The best safari experience with Makasa

We had such a great time and made memories for a life time. All the places Makasa arranged for us were great. If you want to make an unforgettable journey you have to book with Makasa. I'm sure you won't regret it!
Safari with kids Review
Laura Brown

A distant travel into the Great Unknown

If you are planning to travel to Tanzania, you know that it is nothing like a weekend in the country. It requires a lot more preparation and there are a few matters that require your attention. If you are not familiar with the country, you may have some questions or concerns. To the most frequently asked questions on this topic, we have a simple and reassuring answer.

Will I be at risk of malaria infection?

Tanzania is considered a low-risk country for malaria. Moreover, preventative medication is available to help keep you safe.
Makasa Tanzania Safari

Is Tanzania a safe place to visit?

Yes, Tanzania has been one of the most stable countries on the African continent for decades.
Makasa Tanzania Safari

Is there an age limit for children?

No, there is no age limit. We can adjust the programme to suit every age.
Makasa Tanzania Safari

Is it dangerous to go on a safari?

No. As long as you play by the rules, there are hardly any risks. 
Makasa Tanzania Safari

How will I communicate?

Our office team as well as our tour guides are proficient in English.
Makasa Tanzania Safari


We are a member of TATO and are a fully licensed Tour Operator including TALA.
Safari with kids

Cabin crew, take your seats

Several airlines have scheduled flights to Tanzania. KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines offer daily flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport. Kilimanjaro International Airport is situated in northern Tanzania between the cities of Arusha and Moshi. Moshi is home to Makasa. Located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, close to the main wildlife parks, it lies at a driving distance of 45 minutes from the airport. One of our friendly attendants will be there to greet you and take you to your hotel. Welcome to Tanzania!
Safari with kids

We will organize the entire tour package of your choice for a trip to Tanzania tailored to the needs of your entire family 

Makasa is there for you whenever you need us for advice, organization and anything you need during the trip

Once you have arrived at your destination, chances are that you will have little eye for anything but the marvels around you. Nevertheless, it is always good to know that Makasa is always nearby and ready to help you with anything you may need. We will be there in the background, so that you do not have to worry about a thing. We will arrange everything for you, even in unexpected events. And the list of benefits does not end there! View the full list below. 
Private Jeep and Guide

Private jeep and guide

Go on safari in a private Makasa Land Cruiser driven by one of our highly skilled and experienced guides, all of whom speak English fluently.
Relax and Enjoy with Makasa

Relax and enjoy

Our goal is to make your life easier on your trip. We will take care of every detail, from collecting you from the airport to returning you after an amazing holiday.
Makasa International Team

International team

Selma is Dutch, while Ngomi is half German, half Tanzanian – a valuable combination if you want to plan a marvellous journey.
Makasa Tanzania Top Experts

Tanzania top experts

We live and work in Tanzania, so we can show you the best spots and give you the best advice.
Makasa Award winning operator

Award-winning operator 

We have won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence five years in a row – and we are very proud of this honour.
Makasa Safety First

Safety first! 

Makasa is a member of TATO (Tanzania Association of Tour Operators), so your safety is in good hands with us.

How about a sneak preview to get in the mood? 

Tanzania Safari with Kids

Crossing the Serengeti in a private jeep with the family

You will travel in a Land Cruiser seating 5 to 7 people, driven by one of our experienced guides – heading for the world’s most famous wildlife parks such as Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Crater, and, of course, the Serengeti. You will feel as if you were stepping into the world of National Geographic. Your car is provided with a special interior with a roof that pops up, allowing you to stand up straight to film or take pictures. You will be amazed at the wildlife you will get to see here. Remember to pack the binoculars for the children!
Tanzania Safari with Kids

A visit to the Maasai

In the Maasai Lodge, you will meet members of one of the most colourful and impressive tribes of Africa, the famous Maasai. You will stay the night in a boma (village) with a breathtaking view of the vast savannah plains of the Maasai land. Take a nature walk with your children – or put them on a donkey for a thrilling ride. Another option they might like is to take them to throw spears with real Maasai warriors – or you can do both! At night, you will dine on roasted goat by the fire – or enjoy another great dish, as you prefer. There are lodges for two as well as family lodges for families with young children.
Tanzania Safari with Kids

Sleeping in family tents

What could be more exciting than staying the night in the wilderness? Safari nights tend to be a very special experience. Visitors usually spend at least a few of these nights in so-called tented camps. Other than that they have the heavy-duty canvas canopy in common, ordinary tents pale in comparison with these luxury glamping tents. The floors are made of wood and the interior design and particularly the beds are incredibly comfortable and romantic. The tents all have excellent private bathroom facilities. The biggest attraction, however, is the incomparable safari atmosphere. In the mornings, at breakfast, you can have great fun trying to imitate the animal sounds that you heard during the night. Guides are often very good at this. Now, was that a lion’s or a hyena’s cry?
Tanzania Zanzibar with Kids

Sun-soaked Zanzibar

Children will always want to go to the beach. What a lucky coincidence that sunny Zanzibar happens to lie so close off the coast! Beautiful Zanzibar, with its unparalleled pearly white beaches leading to the azure Indian Ocean, can best be described as a small paradise on earth. It is without a doubt the most delightful place to relax after an exciting safari. Take a refreshing dive to wash off the desert dust! You can go skin-diving, swim with dolphins or take a boat tour in an authentic dhow. A visit to the capital is definitely worth your while. The picturesque Stone Town is the epitome of the romantic beauty of the island. Two smaller islands are worth mentioning as well: Pemba and Mafia, each with their own, unique character.

Download this free example family itinerary 'Safari with kids'

The package we will organize for you will be tailored to your personal needs and interests. This example itinerary is to inspire you and to give you an idea of the possibilities.

Download this free example itinerary Safari with the family
And go on a family adventure!
Download this itinerary
Tanzania Safari with Kids
Tanzania Safari with Kids

Are you interested in more child friendly options?

Beyond perfect
If you want to give your kids the ultimate wildlife experience combined with some local insights you should choose Makasa! Reliable, more than flexible, professional and passionate are our words to subscribe them. We are Makasa most grateful for this great family experience!
Tanzania Safari with Kids
Gerdien van Schelven
Great local company
We were fortunate to have Humphrey as our guide. He has an excellent knowledge of the flora and fauna. My 11 yr old son remarked that he had learned more during the safari than he had learned the past year in school. This was truly a life-changing vacation.
Tanzania Safari with Kids
Albian Moore
Excellent choice for family
Our family of 4-including 18 year old and 16 year old, had an amazing trip.From all the excellent communication, to our super knowledgeable and patient guide, Humphrey, to the lodgings they chose, to the animals we saw. This is absolutely the company to go with. Thank you Makasa!
Tanzania Safari with Kids
Jill Haris

Our kids insist that a safari is the best holiday there is

We regularly take our children on safari and they always enjoy it tremendously. View one of our safari adventures with the whole family.

See all that there is to see on your next family holiday

Amazing Safari experience
Makasa allows a family to have a safari experience that meets their needs. It was great to be able to travel with just our family of five - and see so much of Northern Tanzania. We absolutely loved the safari and have lots of great memories. I highly recommend Makasa Safaris.
Tanzania Safari with Kids Review
Fam. Green
WOW, just WOW
Makasa is a top-notch company that offered a spectacular Safari with a personal touch. We have 2 kids ages 8 and 10 and they matched a guide that also had kids and Kaleby could not have been better! He was a joy to be around. A lifetime memory complete.
Tanzania Safari with Kids Review
Bili Bell
Perfect safari with kids
The whole organization and personal consultation were outstanding, they made our 9 day trip an unforgettable experience! Many thanks also to our amazing guide David who made our journey so rich with many beautiful animal encounters. Thanks for this wonderful time!!
Tanzania Safari with Kids Review
Oliver Dressnandt
Tanzania Safari with Kids

This is just an example

The trip described above is just an example; a marvellous example, indeed, but there are many more options. You can choose to have more safari and less sun, or vice versa. Whether you want a longer or a shorter stay, simpler accommodations or more luxury, everything is possible. Please let us know what you want and we will be glad to arrange an itinerary that suits your every desire. Welcome to Makasa!