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On safari in Tanzania

How does a Tanzania safari work?

Tanzania Safari Lake Manyara

On safari in Tanzania

How does a Tanzania safari work?

Tanzania Safari Lake Manyara

Face to face with the world’s most majestic wildlife 

On a Tanzania Safari, you will find some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife. Makasa will give you a unique opportunity to see and experience this rich abundance of wildlife up close and in person, in stunning natural scenery that will surpass your wildest dreams. Here, you will feel the essence of Out of Africa. Safari literally means journey, but by modern standards, a safari involves a visit by jeep to one or several wildlife (national) parks or sanctuaries. Depending on the selected itinerary, a safari usually takes between three and ten days. Based on the available time, the composition of the tour group, and the available budget, an itinerary will be prepared, tailored to your requirements. All of our tours are private tours, so you will travel exclusively in the company of your selected group.
Tanzania Africa Guides Makasa Safaris

Our safari guides, our public face

Our Tanzanian safari guides are the ambassadors of Makasa. They will make sure that your trip will be an unforgettable experience. Without exception, they are experienced, safe drivers who have the skills necessary to conquer the sometimes bumpy roads of Tanzania. Once you hit the road, you will be amazed at their powers of perception. At times, they seem to have 360-degree vision, and at a distance where ordinary people can make out nothing but a dot, they can identify an animal. Makasa has every reason to invest a lot of time and energy in their annual training and refresher courses. They can tell you myriads of fun and interesting facts about the flora and fauna as well as about the local culture, customs, and traditions. Even though all of our guides are Tanzanian natives, they are proficient in English and have excellent social skills. They will enrich your safari with their in-depth expertise, their jokes, and their good Tanzanian cheer whenever that is called for, and respect your privacy where appropriate.
Makasa Safaris Africa

Our safari jeeps in Tanzania

Makasa’s rugged four-wheel drive safari jeeps are almost invariably Toyota Land Cruisers, converted into safari vehicles by a specialized coachworks company. This means that some of them are stretched to seat 9 instead of 5, the top of the windows is raised for a better panoramic view, and the roof is replaced by a large pop-up roof to allow you to stand up straight to film or take pictures. Finally, the vehicles are spray painted in a classic safari colour, seat covers are installed, the Makasa logo is painted on the vehicles, and the Makasa hubcaps are mounted. Safari Njema! (Have a pleasant journey!)
Tanzania Safari Camp

Accommodations on your safari

In Makasa’s view, the accommodations on safari should be at least as enjoyable as the safari itself. Where overnight accommodations are concerned, you can choose from several options. The so-called tented camps consist of luxurious and elegantly decorated lodges. Other than the heavy-duty canvas canopy, these stylish glamping cabins have very little in common with an ordinary tent. They offer the luxury and all the amenities you need, including excellent private bathroom facilities. The biggest attraction, though, is the incomparable, traditional safari atmosphere. And those of you who want to take comfort to the extreme can decide to stay in a luxury hotel. 
Unforgettable trip
The safari was great, breathtakingly beautiful, not to describe with words, you have to experience this. Not only by seeing it, but by feeling it, smelling it, hearing it. Especially thanks to Humphrey, our guide. He has a lot of knowledge about the animals and he spoke perfect English.
Tanzania Safari Review
Max Wright
Fabulous safari
Fabulous safari in Tanzania. Too many highlights. Camping on Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater. Great Lodges. Fabulous hotel in Zanzibar. A real holiday of a lifetime. If you are thinking of doing a Safari, I can't recommend beautiful Tanzania and of Makasa enough.
Tanzania Safari Review
Dianne Scott
Loved the trip
We did Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Conservation and Serengeti National Park with Makasa and we loved every minute of it. Serengeti is absolutely stunning and we were lucky to see part of the migration of Zebras and Wildebeests.
Tanzania Safari Review
Ines Adams

What to look for when booking a Tanzania Safari?

Makasa Tanzania Safari

Tailor-made package

This allows you to create your ideal tour package and to decide exactly what you want to see.
Makasa Tanzania Safari

Private or group tour?

All of our safaris are private tours. You will never need to worry about sharing a jeep with people you have never met before.
Makasa Tanzania Safari

Skilled guides

Our guides are trained in house, by us, and annually receive flora and fauna and customer care training courses.
Makasa Tanzania Safari

Reliable safari vehicles

These vehicles are exposed to harsh conditions, so proper maintenance is essential.
Makasa Tanzania Safari

No mileage limitation

You are entirely free to decide, together with your guide, where and how far you want to travel. 
Makasa Tanzania Safari

Value for money

We have won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence five years in a row.
Tanzania Safari Zebra

Are you interested in options for your Tanzania Safari?

Please contact us and discover 100+ Tanzania Safari options, fully tailored to your preferences 

Would you like to learn more about the different Tanzania National Parks?

A safari through the northern Tanzania National Parks

Northern Tanzania is home to the world’s most famous wildlife parks. This is where you step right into the world of the ‘Big Five’: the elephant, the buffalo, the lion, the leopard, and the rhino welcome you into their habitat. Karibu sana! If you want to catch a sighting of the Great Migration, the epic annual trek of massive herds of wildebeest and other impressive animals, there is no better place than the north. Each wildlife park has its own unique charm. The main attractions are listed below:
Tanzania Safari National Parks

Serengeti National Park

- The most famous National Park

- Endless savannah plains, numerous big wild cats

- The setting of The Lion King

- Great Migration

Tanzania Safari National Parks

Ngorongoro Crater

- Eighth wonder of the world 

- Large numbers of wild animals in a relatively small area

- Black rhino

- The world’s largest volcanic caldera

Tanzania Safari National Parks

Tarangire National Park

- A relatively green and forested park

- Large elephant population

- Baobab trees

- Great wildlife diversity in this park all year around

Tanzania Safari National Parks

Lake Manyara National Park

- Smaller park surrounding the Manyara lake

- A paradise for bird lovers

- Flamingos

- Lush greenery all year round 

Tanzania Safari National Parks

Arusha National Park

- Walking safaris 

- A paradise for bird lovers

- Enchanting natural scenery and lush greenery 

- A great start to an exciting safari

The undiscovered southern Tanzania National Parks

If you are an explorer at heart, you will love this region. The tourism industry is less developed here than in the north, and at times, you will feel ‘alone in the world’. This is a true paradise for adventurers. As the animals are not as accustomed to humans, they are quite skittish, which means that up-close sightings of wildlife may require some patience. This area offers you a unique opportunity to train your eagle eye! The vast expanse of the southern region may necessitate taking a domestic flight sometimes. Below is a list of the most important parks in the south:
Tanzania Safari National Parks

Selous Game Reserve

- Largest game reserve on the African continent

- Large Rufiji River

- Large populations of crocodiles and hippos

- Boat safaris are possible

Tanzania Safari National Parks

Mikumi National Park

- Smaller park 

- Almost all wildlife species can be found here

- Lions, zebras, and giraffes

- Beautifully decorated tented camps

Tanzania Safari National Parks

Ruaha National Park

- Largest national park in Tanzania

- Large population of lion and leopard 

- Large river crossing the park

- Very few tourists throughout the year

Tanzania Safari National Parks

Mahale Mountains

- Large population of chimpanzees

- There are no roads in this park, safaris are by foot

- Accessible only by charter plane and boat 

- Safaris are pricey
Tanzania Safari National Parks

Katavi National Park

- Only accessible by aircraft

- Fewer than 100 visitors a year so very quiet 

- Many hippos and crocodiles

- Large populations of water birds

Annic’s travel vlog story 

Annic ten Duis, a very well-known vlogger, went on a Tanzania safari with Makasa. Wildly enthusiastic, she invites you to view her story. Have fun!
Tanzania Safari Makasa Jeep

View your options for a tailor-made Tanzania Safari

A safari in Tanzania is a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. For such a special journey, you want every detail to be perfect and to meet your every expectation. Makasa will make sure that yours is the amazing safari that you hope it will be. Together, we will design a tour package tailored to your needs and preferences from the beginning until the end.