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Tailor-made safaris in Tanzania

Together, we will organize the trip of your lifetime

Tanzania Safari Holiday

Tailor-made safaris in Tanzania

Together, we will organize the trip of your lifetime


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Tanzania Safari and beach

Round off your exciting safari with a relaxing beach holiday in sunny Zanzibar.

Family holidays 

A unique experience for the entire family! The kids will have the time of their lives.

Tanzania Great Migration

Follow the epic migration of thousands of animals on their incredible journey.

Southern Safari Tanzania

Become an explorer and discover the secrets of the south.

Meet the locals

Exciting safaris and meetings with local tribes from Tanzania, including the Maasai.

Honeymoon Tanzania

Feel like celebrating your love in the most romantic destination in the world?

Planning your dream safari

Makasa Tanzania Safari is the company of Selma and Yohannes Ngomi Kamm. Ngomi, born and raised in Tanzania, started working as a tour guide for the safari company of his parents when he was seventeen. He subsequently studied zoology in the USA. Ngomi has more than twenty years of experience working in the safari business of Tanzania. This wealth of experience is your guarantee that you will experience the finest service, down to the minutest detail, on a journey that will leave you with a lifetime of memories. Selma, born and raised in the Netherlands, started her career as a qualified nurse. During her internship in 2008 in a Tanzanian hospital, she fell in love with Ngomi as well as with the country where they now run Makasa together. The business is their dream, and their goal is to make your dream trip come true. Welcome to Tanzania!

Why choose Makasa Tanzania Safari?

Far be it from us to blow our own trumpet. Our Dutch/German background, which helps us to understand what Western travellers want, is not unique. The combination with the fact that we live in Tanzania and personally take care of every detail of your trip, however, does give us a unique advantage. In addition, selecting Makasa for your journey offers a number of important benefits. View the full list below.

Private jeep and guide

Go on safari in a private Makasa Land Cruiser driven by one of our highly skilled and experienced guides, all of whom speak English fluently.

Relax and enjoy

Our goal is to make your life easier on your trip. We will take care of every detail, from collecting you from the airport to returning you after an amazing holiday.

International team

Selma is Dutch, while Ngomi is half German, half Tanzanian – a valuable combination if you want to plan a marvellous journey.

Tanzania top experts

We live and work in Tanzania, so we can show you the best spots and give you the best advice.

Award-winning operator 

We have won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence ten years in a row – and we are very proud of this honour.
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Safety first! 

Makasa is a member of TATO (Tanzania Association of Tour Operators), so your safety is in good hands with us.

Need advice? We are here to help you! 

Makasa Safaris Africa

Tanzania, all you need to know

Tanzania is a safe and stable democracy in East Africa. By African standards, it is fertile and prosperous. Tanzania is home to the world’s most famous wildlife parks, such as the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. Its inhabitants, including the famous Maasai, are as colourful as the country itself. And the backyard of our office offers a breathtaking view of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa at nearly 6000 metres above sea level! Zanzibar, a jewel in the Indian Ocean, is located just off the coast of mainland Tanzania. 

Accommodations in Tanzania 

We will handpick your accommodations, taking into account your every need and desire. What they all share in common is that they are well-equipped, extremely comfortable, and that they radiate the incomparable, traditional safari atmosphere. Those are the key aspects we focus on when selecting them. Whether you are looking to support a local project or to indulge in a luxury holiday, the options are numerous. We will be more than happy to advise you.
Zanzibar Beach

Sun-soaked Zanzibar

Beautiful Zanzibar, with its unparalleled pearly white beaches leading to the azure Indian Ocean, can best be described as a small paradise on earth. It is without a doubt the most delightful place to relax after an exciting safari. You can go skin-diving, swim with dolphins or take a boat tour. The picturesque Stone Town is the place where Queen singer Freddie Mercury was born. 

Frequently asked questions about a Tanzania Safari

What is the best time of the year to visit Tanzania?

Tanzania is beautiful throughout the year. An abundance of wildlife is present in every season. From January until March, the climate is dry and warm. The rainy season falls in April and May, and starting from June, temperatures cool down a little. In August, temperatures warm up a bit as the dry season approaches, bringing some brief rain showers in October and November. Read more about the best time to travel to Tanzania!
Tanzania Safari Great Migration

What time of the year is the Great Migration, the annual trek?

In fact, the wildebeest migration takes place throughout the entire year, but it moves around. There are two highlights worth mentioning. One is the annual river crossing in the northern Serengeti in August. The other interesting time of the year is calving season, around February, in Ndutu, south of the Serengeti. Makasa has a wealth of experience, gained over many years, in advising about this aspect. See here our Migration Itinerary.
Tanzania Africa Guides Makasa Safaris

Why would you want a private Tanzania safari?

What we mean by private is that your guide and vehicle are reserved for your tour group only. This means that you can decide for yourself what time you want to get up in the morning, what time you want to go on safari, and what time you want to return to the lodge every day. The entire timetable for the day is up to you. If you spot an interesting animal and you want to take your time watching, taking photos, and enjoying the encounter, you can do so at leisure.
Tanzania Safari Leopard

Can we arrive at any day we want?

Our tours are entirely tailor-made and private, so you can start your trip at any day of the year, even on holidays!

Tanzania Safari Makasa Jeep

How exactly does a safari in Tanzania work?

A safari usually involves a round trip to several parks. You will spend at least one day in each park, but in larger parks, such as the Serengeti National Park, you will want to spend several days. In planning a safari, we take into account the travel times between the parks. These trips from one park to the next are an amazing experience by themselves, by the way. The splendour of African life by the roadside is a feast for your eyes.
Tanzania Safari Giraffe

Is Tanzania safe to visit?

Yes, Tanzania is a safe country. It has been one of the most stable countries on the African continent for decades. This stability, combined with the friendly population and the abundance of wildlife and natural beauty, ensures that Tanzania is the ultimate holiday destination, an exotic location that will make your dreams come true. 

Tanzania is our home

Makasa is a unique tour operator that provides private and tailor-made tours in Tanzania with an emphasis on safaris in the world’s most stunning and famous national parks, such as the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. These exciting activities can easily be combined with a lovely, relaxing beach holiday. Cultural meetings with locals, such as coffee farmers or the colourful Maasai people, are included on the itinerary. Together with you, we will plan and organize every detail of your tour package, as our goal is to give you an unforgettable experience.

Makasa is your partner of choice if you are interested in exploring and discovering the beauty of Tanzania. Whether you plan to travel as a couple, with your family or with a group of friends, we will organize every detail of your trip, from A to Z, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience. Our Western background and the fact that we actually live in Tanzania and have lived here for ten years place us in a unique position to create the dream trip of your life. Safari Njema (have a nice trip)!