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Tanzania Africa

Land of boundless opportunity

Safari | Maasai | Zanzibar

Tanzania Africa Leopard

Tanzania Africa

Land of boundless opportunity

Safari | Maasai | Zanzibar

Map Tanzania Africa

Are you planning to travel to Tanzania?

If you are planning a sightseeing tour of Tanzania, you might like to learn a few interesting facts about the country. The United Republic of Tanzania consists of Tanganyika, on the African mainland, and the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. It is the largest country in East Africa. Once a German colony, it was designated a British mandate in 1919. The country became independent in 1961 under the leadership of its first President, Julius Nyerere, who managed to unite the over 120 separate tribes into a cohesive society, turning Tanzania into the stable factor in Africa it still is today. This stability, combined with the friendly population and the country’s wealth of natural and cultural diversity, ensures that Tanzania is the ultimate holiday destination, an exotic location that will make your dreams come true and where you can rely on Makasa to guide you. 
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What does Tanzania have to offer?

Tanzania offers you wonderful wildlife safaris (the best of Africa!), exciting trekking tours, or a delightfully relaxing beach holiday in Zanzibar with its white sandy shores. In addition to Tanzania’s overwhelming flora and fauna, Makasa is particularly well-positioned to introduce you to the country’s rich and unique cultural heritage. We offer various excursions, day trips and overnight trips to several tribes, including the famous Maasai. With their beautiful beadwork jewellery, distinctive tools and weapons, and their exceptional rituals and customs, sharing a glimpse of their colourful world will leave you with a deep and lasting impression of these amazing people. Furthermore, the numerous impressive coffee plantations are well worth a visit as well.

Tanzania Africa

  • Area: 945,087 km2
  • Tanzania has the highest wildlife population density in the world, with 430   species and subspecies per square kilometre
  • Population: 50 to 60 million inhabitants
  • Capital: Dodoma
  • Religions: Christian (35%), Muslim (35%), local religions (30%)
  • Language: Swahili as well as English and local languages
  • Form of government: republic
  • Currency: Tanzanian Shilling

Facts and figures

  • Time zone: Tanzania Standard Time is 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3)
  • Mount Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa), is the only mountain in the world at over 5000 metres of altitude that can be climbed on foot all the way up to the summit
  • Average temperature: between 22 and 38 degrees Celsius
  •  Serengeti National Park is said to have been the land that inspired the children’s movie The Lion King.

Do you want to know more about Tanzania?

Tanzania Africa Ngorongoro Crater

A most delightful climate

Situated in the eastern part of the African continent, bordering on the Indian Ocean, Tanzania enjoys mostly warm weather all year round. The climate varies considerably in this large country, but a tropical wet and dry climate, or tropical savanna climate, predominates. The eastern portion of Tanzania has more periods of rainfall and droughts, while Central Tanzania is predominantly very dry. The main rainy season, or ‘long rains’ in Tanzania lasts from April until June. This is the time when everything turns vibrant green – a great time to see wildlife! Then, between June and August, it is drier and cooler in Tanzania. The beginning of October marks the start of the period of ‘short rains’ during the daytime, with warm summer temperatures. January, February and March are the driest summer months of the year. As your tour will take you to various altitudes, ranging from mountainous regions to lower coastal areas, temperatures will differ. In view of the different seasons and the fact that it can get a little chilly at night, it is advisable to pack clothes that you can layer easily.
Tanzania Africa How to dress

How to dress in Tanzania

In view of their religious beliefs and culture, Tanzanian people always dress modestly. In the privacy of your accommodation or at the beach, you need not concern yourself with any dress code, but if you mix with the local population, it is appropriate to wear clothes that cover the body, especially shoulders and legs. This is a simple courtesy that shows respect for the local population.

Are you interested in your travel options in Tanzania?

Population Tanzania

Tanzanian culture is very accessible. The people are known to be among the friendliest in Africa. Tanzanian people are eager to help and very polite. They love children and enjoy a friendly chat with tourists. You will find that they are very interested to know where you come from, what your daily life is like and what your family background is. Public displays of affection between men and women are considered inappropriate. When touring the country, you can speak English with your tour guide and the Tanzanian people who work in the accommodations. However, the majority speak only Swahili. It will be highly appreciated if you can speak a little Swahili, so learning a few words is worth the effort. It’s not that hard:


Pole pole                   Take it easy/ slowely slowely

Asante                        Thank you
Kwa heri                     Good bye
Tutaonana                  See you later
Lala salama                Sleep well
Safari njema               Have a good trip
Hamna shida              No problem
Hakuna matata          No worries

Is it safe in Tanzania Africa?

Safety in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the safest countries in Africa and East Africa. We do, however, recommend that you engage the services of a guide if you want to explore the country, the city or the market, whether during the day or in the evening. They know their way around, they know the country, they speak the language and they can help you when you want to buy souvenirs or other items of your interest. Walking the streets alone at night is not recommended. On any tour, it is always wise to listen to your inner voice, your intuition. Theft does happen in Tanzania. It is therefore advisable to protect your valuables at all times by using common sense precautions.
Tanzania Africa Tarangire Park

Tanzania, the movie

Tanzania Africa Passport information


Your passport must be valid for at least six months on the day you depart from your home country. In addition, your passport must contain at least four blank visa pages, that is two sets of two opposing blank visa pages.
Do I need a visa for Tanzania Africa?

Do I need a visa for Tanzania?

Although it is possible to buy a tourist visa upon arrival at the airports of Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, we recommend that you apply for a visa in your home country prior to your trip. You can do this online at:

Don't leave it last minute, latest two weeks before arrival in Tanzania so you are sure you give them enough time to process your online application. 

Do you need more advice?

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Vaccinations needed for Tanzania

For vaccination services, you can go to the Regional Health Service or the tropical medicine clinic of a hospital. The following vaccinations are recommended:

for travellers going to Tanzania: yellow fever, hepatitis A and a combined tetanus, diphtheria and inactivated polio vaccine (Td/IPV). Proof of Yellow Fever vaccination is required if you are travelling to Tanzania from countries that have Yellow Fever Endemic or travellers who transit in Yellow Fever Endemic Areas, only if the transit period at the airport is 12 hours or more.

Other diseases that occur in Tanzania are: abdominal typhus, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, rabies and meningococcal disease. It is best to consult a qualified travel medical specialist on whether immunization is relevant in your case.

Tanzania Africa Tented Camp

Malaria in Tanzania

There is no vaccine available against malaria. We recommend the use of anti-malarial medication, but again, it is best to take this up with a travel medical specialist. Malaria is an infectious disease that is caused by a parasite. You get it from the bite of a mosquito that carries the parasite. These parasites multiply first in the liver cells and then in the red cells of the blood. The symptoms include shaking chills, followed by fever, usually preceded by flu-like illness. To protect yourself against mosquito bites, you can spray yourself with insect repellent containing DEET and make sure to cover your body properly if you are outside after sunset.
Tanzania Africa AMREF Flying Doctors

AMREF Flying Doctors

When you travel with Makasa we will automaticaly insure you at AMREF Flying Doctors.

It covers you in case of a medical emergency, during your stay in Tanzania. Your benefits:

1. Access to our 24hr Medical Helpline anytime from anywhere for medical advice.

2. Unlimited evacuation flights during the subscription period.

3. Unlimited Ground Ambulance services.

4. Direct contact with AMREF Flying Doctors and the medical professional – third party involved.

Asante, Makasa
We just got back from a life changing, incredible safari to Tanzania. Tanzania and its people have stolen our hearts, we will be back for sure to discover more places in this beautiful country and without a doubt we will ask Makasa to help us!
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Moira Geerman
Dreams come true...
I dreamed a dream. Not a documentary or a movie I have seen compared to our reality. First of all, the country is the most beautiful you will ever visit. And then the animals... I loved everything, and could not even expect more.
Review Tanzania Africa

Addie Henderson

Absolutely stunning!
We did Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Conservation and Serengeti National Park with Makasa and we loved every minute of it. It was amazing. If you do this trip make sure you do it with a good camera, it is worth it!
Review Tanzania Africa
Ines Adams
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Tanzania Association of Tour Operators

Makasa is a fully licensed tour operator and a member of TATO (Tanzania Association of Tour Operators). TATO represents over 256 tour operators from both Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. TATO aims at providing a complete and comprehensive position for the tour industry in its relations with the Government and its institutions in matters pertaining to the formulation of tourism policy, plans and programmes. TATO is also responsible for maintaining high quality and standards amongst its members.
Tanzania Africa Lions

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is the traveller’s own responsibility. We recommend that you take out travel insurance in your home country that will cover, for instance, loss, damage or theft of luggage, money and other valuables, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, et cetera. Consider also any additional cover you may need, such as for extreme, specialist or high-risk sports (scuba diving, canoeing, mountain biking, et cetera).

Mountain climbing requires a separate mountaineering insurance policy. Makasa accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with any such activities. 

Do you have any questions about Tanzania? We will be happy to advise you!