Your safari guide in Tanzania

If you are interested in booking a safari in Tanzania, how do you go about it? Driven by excitement and enthusiasm, you probably turn to your laptop and start researching the internet and review platforms such as TripAdvisor.

No successful safari without a successful guide

On a safari there are several components that complete the experience, not least of which is the safari guide. To be honest, I believe while booking a safari, few people ever consider their guide. You are generally buried in researching different possibilities: destinations, attractions, security and, perhaps most importantly, financial implications. This is all quite straightforward until you have to narrow down which company, operator or agent to book with. Budget and product strength, together with social proofing based on reviews and marketing strategies, creates customer confidence and persuades clients to confirm booking with a certain organization.

Smaller companies tend to be more personalized with reviews mentioning specific details that often state the safari guide’s name. These reviews instill the idea of “external validation and customer advocacy,” reassuring the client while, at the same time, serving as marketing for the company.

Our safari guides, our public face

At Makasa, we foster the idea that our guides are ambassadors for our product. This is based on the simple fact that, out in the bush, your guide is the constant and only full time representative of Makasa. The guide must be capable of offering such a high standard of service that the client is more than happy to trumpet Makasa to the world. It is safe to assume the unsung hero of the booking process is your guide for your next safari.

Safari guide in Tanzania

About the author
Ngomi was born and raised in Tanzania. Safari is in the family: he started his career as a tour guide when he was just seventeen, working for his parents’ safari company. His passion for nature and wildlife led him to study Zoology in the USA. Now, he runs Makasa with his wife, Selma, and they take their children on safari every chance they get. Ngomi has over twenty years’ experience working in Tanzania’s safari industry. His wealth of knowledge and expertise is your guarantee that you will experience the finest service on a journey that will leave you with a lifetime of memories.