Tanzania Language

Tanzania Language

What do people speak in Tanzania?

Swahili is the official national language in Tanzania; however, Tanzania is a multilingual country. Tanzania’s various ethnic groups speak their own langue with their own community and according to Ethnologue, there are a total of 126 languages spoken in Tanzania. More and more people are speaking English now days as well, but Swahili will remain the main language.

When you are planning your holiday to Tanzania it will be highly appreciated if you can speak a little Swahili. You could try and learn a few words:

Habari: How are you?

Nzuri: Good

Asante: Thank you

Kwa heri: Good bye

Tutaonana: See you later

Lala salama: Sleep well

Safari njema: Have a good trip/ have a good safari

Hamna shida: No problem

Hakuna matata: No worries

Happy practicing and we hope to welcome you in Tanzania! Karibu! (welcome!)

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