Tanzania Population

Tanzania Population

More about the population of Tanzania

Population in Tanzania: 50 to 60 million inhabitants

Tanzanian culture is very accessible. The people are known to be among the friendliest in Africa. Tanzanian people are eager to help and very polite. They love children and enjoy a friendly chat with tourists. You will find that they are very interested to know where you come from, what your daily life is like and what your family background is. Public displays of affection between men and women are considered inappropriate. When touring the country, you can speak English with your tour guide and the Tanzanian people who work in the accommodations. However, the majority speak only Swahili. It will be highly appreciated if you can speak a little Swahili, so learning a few words is worth the effort. It’s not that hard:


Pole pole: Take it easy/ slowely slowely

Asante: Thank you

Kwa heri: Good bye

Tutaonana: See you later

Lala salama: Sleep well

Safari njema: Have a good trip

Hamna shida: No problem

Hakuna matata: No worries
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