Tanzania Safari Guide

Tanzania Safari Guide

Hello Mr. Safari guide!

The general understanding of a guide is rather romantic: a leader, a teacher, a guiding light, a mentor and, most importantly, a caring and thoughtful individual. I have been guiding safaris personally in Tanzania for 20 years.

Your safari guide in Tanzania

Guiding is my passion, not my job. As the saying has it, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” Throughout Africa, and especially within Tanzania, there are dozens of colleges, universities and further education institutions offering initial higher level qualifications in wildlife. But even when a guide has mastered the literature, it is only through apprenticeship and field experience that the necessary skills are honed.

At Masaka, we believe the individual has to establish their own “guiding style” to be worthy of being a guide. As a guide develops and invests in themselves, their confidence increases, which feeds an unquenchable thirst for more knowledge. This yearning and inquisitiveness is vital for a guide to be one of the best. So aside from guiding, I also conduct annual training courses for our guides, because, “Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” Over the years, my philosophy to guiding has developed as I have grown in my craft. The basis of guiding must be a love of nature coupled with academic qualification, so we nurture the desire to learn and improve to allow for constant growth.

How to become the best safari guide

As guides, we have to make sure that we use all our knowledge, skills and understanding, be it textbook, field experiences or both, to evaluate and decipher what we observe and transfer this to our clients. This is when someone becomes an interpretive guide, a true asset to your safari, and worthy of the title of Safari Guide.
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