What age can you take a child on safari?

What age can you take a child on safari?

Many people ask us what an appropriate age is to take a child on safari. It’s difficult to give a blanket answer to this question, as it is very personal to each parent. Generally speaking, if your child can sit in a car for a few hours at a time, you should have no problem taking them on a family safari.

A baby or toddler on safari holiday

Though it’s not common to see babies or young kids on safari, we have taken our own kids on safari in Tanzania ever since they were 3 or 4 months old! If a younger child is still sleeping a lot along the way, a safari is fine. Our personal experience is that a baby bumps along with the cadence of the car and falls asleep. During our consultation with you to plan the trip, we can always ensure we provide a suitable car seat. The slightly more challenging years are when a child no longer sleeps en route, but isn’t quite aware of the environment around them yet. As a parent, you are sometimes multitasking: enjoying the safari on the one hand and entertaining your child on the other. Even then, in our experience, everyone in the family quickly adjusts to the rhythm of a safari, and you can all get together in a certain flow.

A safari holiday when kids are 5 or older

As soon as primary school is in sight, a safari becomes much easier with children. In fact, a safari can be wonderful and also a very educational experience for them. To quote some of our younger guests - aged five and six – going on safari is “super cool.” Our own kids LOVE it, and even though they go a few times per year it never gets boring. They always discover new environments and learn new things about nature and animals.

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