What is a game drive?

What is a game drive?

At Makasa, the day starts early. Your wakeup call will be 5:00am, with breakfast at 05:30am, ready for departure at 6:00am. You might be thinking, “This doesn’t sound like a holiday! This is more like torture, what is going on here?”

6:00am game drive

Well, our safari experience is built around the game drive: a daily excursion in search of animals and unique sightings. It is well known; early morning and late afternoon game drives are most productive in terms of sightings. During this time animals are most active, and for photography it’s referred to as the “golden hour”.

During the safari, your accommodation serves as your base, and the guide will take you on daily excursions through the park. These can vary in duration and distance travelled, from a couple of hours to the whole day. The evening before any game drive, your guide will present you with a general plan for the next day. For a full day game drive, the guide organize lunch boxes.

So, what is a typical game drive?

So, what is a typical “game drive?” The simplest description is a drive around the park, during which your guide will explain and interpret the flora, fauna and geographic features. Drives often proceed along rivers, streams and other wildlife hotspots, havens for predators and other animals. Guides explain what you see while in situ - what you are observing as you proceed with your game drive. Makasa guides have extensive knowledge and expertise. They will provide invaluable information regarding wildlife.

The parks authority limits driving within the park from 6:00am to 6:00pm, so the guide is bound by these times. There is one very simple rule: the more time you spend out on a game drive, the more likely you are to see “cool” sightings. Use you time in the park to the fullest, take it all in - and remember to ask many questions as you wish. Our guides are happy to share their knowledge.

Zebras on a game drive in Tanzania
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