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The best binoculars for safari

The best binoculars for safari

Binoculars are a must have for your Tanzania safari. They bring details much closer and allow us to see a much wider range of flora and fauna. When it comes to choosing a pair of binoculars for your safari, the choices are endless.

Binoculars are specified by a set of numbers, 8×32, 10×42 etc. The first number represents the magnification/power, and the second number is the aperture, the diameter of the objective lens. We recommend a magnification of between 8x and 10x and an aperture of between 32-42.

Binoculars can be extremely expensive and might seem like a huge investment for one safari. However, there are affordable pairs. We like Nikon and Leupold, but there are several other reputable brands. Currently, the cheapest range from around US$100 to US$500, while some brands may cost as much as US$2000.  One point to remember is, the more powerful the binoculars, the heavier they are.

For us safari guides, our binoculars serve as tools of our trade, making our job easier. Most guides are very possessive of their binoculars and will have a pair for many years. They are a necessary tool for us, serving as “extensions to our arms.